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Xpeed Learning via Music Classes
This American Golden Song is for Chinese et al to learn English Phonics 3~5X faster than otherwise. You can learn 500+ English or 200+ different words within 10 hours. Use active learning by mimicking this song many times until you can sing it exactly the same way as A. J. Jenkins originally did with a great sense of humor performed by world-class vituosos.
Also, please actively use your hands to write, your mouth to sing, your mind to think critically, your body to dance and peers to challenge. Suitable from 4-year-old preschoolers to any adults. Tiger Mother: "Nothing is fun until you're good at it!" 100~300 times should be enough, depending on your brain memory processing speed. Per cognitive researches, it takes human brain hundreds of times in an intense training or thousands of times in sporadic accumulation to form brain's internal neural wiring, long-term memory.
Workload: 535 words x 300 times x 2 (average 2 parallel channels simultaneously: ears to listen, eyes to watch, hands to write, mouth to repeat, body to dance, mind to think creatively) = 0.32 million word-times in total training dose if you can work on it for 300 times. Remember, only passing the threshold of 100 million word-times can make you speak like a native, otherwise, a college-grad-level foreigner most likely will not be able to beat a 4-year-old native speaker.
How can a passive learning teacher to catch kids' attention and hold their concentration for 10 hours only on a 3-minute piece for 300 times? No Way but using the world's superstars of the greatest hit music or movies instead like we do. However focus on 535 words for 10 hours will have the LASER BEAM effect, making you memorize these 535 Chinese Characters for the rest of your life once and for all, thereby saving you tons of time in later repetition.
However active learning rate can easily decay to zero, thereby making most learning projects last too long to accomplish. When kids first learn any language, their brain processing speed is extremely slow at a rate of 0~30 words a minute, so people spend more than half of time on the preheat stage in a learning curve while feeling nothing improved, so most people just quit. Xpeed Learning's tempos will boost up your learning efficiency many times. If you choose 2 Xpeed Learning matters, your learning speed would be 2 times faster than others. And even Xpeed Learning's normal tempo 150 English words/minute is 3~5x faster than those at which entry-level learners control themselves.
Unfortunately, most American kids dump the Rote Learning at the first glance. Try this one, you'll know how erroneous this point of view is, which is held by most Americans! Why all Chinese can on average leave Americans behind in almost any world testing is because every Chinese use the Rote Learning both in school and at home very well. Why most Americans cannot even split a bill after a get-together in a restaurant is because they haven't memorized the multiplication table well while a kid. Let's change this embarrassing situation from now on, thereby boosting up America's competitiveness nationwide down the road.
Will the Rote Learning ruin your capability development in critical thinking or creativity? After 10 hours of training on this world-class piece, your stereotyping would be totally revamped/defied by yourself, which means after 300 times of intensive practice, you have thought critically 300 times and you'll become more creative naturally than ever before. In other words, if you could follow hundreds and even thousands of Xpeed Learning classes, you're not becoming a bookworm without your own critical thinking and creativity as most Americans think but grow into a world-class performer/virtuoso with a great sense of humor, which has been fully buttressed by Bloom's taxonomy learning cone cognitive theory.
Suggestions for little kids: parents learn with them at the same time for a couple of pieces so that parents can know when is a good timing in terms of using a good combination, at different stages, of ears, eyes, hands, mouth, mind, body, peers help and challenge, or anything useful in boosting up learning efficiency and effectiveness. Lyrics both in Mandarin and English, as well as students learning notes discussion will be posting on website.
Meanwhile, welcome all trainees to contribute your own notes or cheat sheet on this class so that everyone else can benefit from your great work. Thanks in advance. Meanwhile, please LIKE our Facebook fan page at so that you can learn a lot from peers just like Harvard Business School (HBS) MBA candidates do, which is also a very significant part of the active learning process. Also remember: the largest, richest and securest career opportunity in the near future exist mostly between borders of the first two largest economies, United States and China...


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