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Maverick's Xpeed Learning Methodology
Tiger Mother Amy Chua raised a good question of how to rear kids successfully, but she has no any solution for all American parents due to both resources limit and capability limit, since most parents cannot spend 6 hours a day lasting for two decades on a one-on-one basis in parenting their kids. GeN Xpeed Learning ANY SUBJECT via ANY MORE EFFECTIVE MEDIA will boost your kids' learning efficiency many times, therefore rendering them more powerful than those bookworms and even Tiger Cubs. With GeN Xpeed Learning Channel on your home TV, your kids would like to spend hours a day reading stories using Xpeed Learning matters because our videos are far better and funnier than any paper or audio story books in the world.

American parents, if you're professional very busy on your career improvements, you can form an Xpeed Learning group at 3~30 students for your kids so that they can compete and challenge each other. More than 10 years ago, one 7-year-old boy roted more than 20 classes and then Maverick presented him to China's top universities like Tsinghua and Peking, when Chinese top elites of Ivy League Schools felt they were left far far behind by a 7-year-old boy in spoken English, they felt extremely humiliated and then thousands of Ivy League students joined Maverick's Rote Learning classes in Beijing. This group can be kids at any age and our experiment proves that little kids have been doing much better than big kids, partly because they're more advanced in language learning and partly because little kids follow our procedures more strictly without questioning.

And the most miraculous thing is that because Chinese students have no decade-long accumulation in English words as American kids do, but they need to memorize more than 30,000 words to score very high in GRE testing so that they can win scholarship or fellowship from world's top universities for them to pursue their graduate degrees aboard. Then Maverick opened word-roting classes and most students could rote 10,000 non-variant GRE words, or 30,000 words with variants, almost the whole dictionary within 1~3 months, which is the most hardest thing for anyone in the world. If American kids could Xpeed Learning English words the same way, they definitely would win an Ivy League school opportunity, then why not? This intense training will save you years of suffering, making kids have enough time for extracurricular activities and therefore live a much happier childhood. And most importantly Kids using Xpeed Learning Methodology are extremely confident in almost any learning subject.

What is active learning, which has been built in Maverick's Xpeed Learning Methodology and pushed to the extreme? Why a 4-year-old native language speaker can learn any language very well unless an idiot while leaving most adult language learners far far behind, although preschoolers have no such capability of reading any books? Can we project that most language learners using reading instead of listening will fail? We pick Bloom's Learning Cognitive Pyramid as our logo is because everyone should know the active learning cognitive theory well so that they know which method is more efficient and effective. Per Bloom's Learning cone, using hearing to learn has double efficiency than using only eyes to read, which is 4 times faster than teachers boring lectures in classroom. Ironically, because 4-year-old preschoolers cannot read books, they succeed, however all adults who can read mostly fail in language learning, why?

Kids without reading capability use active instead of passive learning: preschool teachers use pictures, slides, presentations, movies, dances, games, learning tools, story-tellings, Bakugans, puzzles, music and songs, field trips instead of words-only books, which are 10~30x times more efficient and effective in learning. Try to think, which teachers are using these active learning tools to teach high school students? That's why high school teachers lose grounds in learning effectiveness. Then how do we know kids have finished a class with flying colors on GeN Xpeed Learning Knowledge Management Platform, or how do parents to monitor kids learning via GeN Xpeed Learning KMS Platform? Simply put, when your kids can simulate the video in exactly the same tone, body move and dance as virtuosos perform in the movie, then their jobs are done, which means they can memorize the whole story or songs without any ouside help and perform them extremely similarly to those best artists.

Maverick's Movement of Education Revolution - Learning Curve Left-Shift-and-Rotation Movement leading to GeN Xpeed Learning Methodology: In a traditional learning curve without using Xpeed Learning Knowledge Management System Platform Technology, learners spend 1/2~2/3 time/energy in an early slow growth stage, thereby making people suffer, during which learners feel almost no improvements although so much time has been invested in learning a subject, and then few people who spend ~1/3 time on top of that will experience a steep rising and therefore enjoy the mastery of the subject. Unfortunately, many learners fail to achieve that because they have formed a stereotype that they're not good in learning that subject and thus just quit in the early slow stage. Maverick's expriment proves a theory that Xpeed in Learning Curve Left-Shift could cut the first slow stage in half while making the fast rising stage much steeper, aka Left-Rotation of Learning Curve, then far more learners will reach the expert plateau instead of quiting learning a subject in the middle.

Learners' Self-Control vs Xpeed Tempos: A number of students control their learning speed by themselves. For example, Most US high school students at grade 10 plan on learning SAT 5000 words: if they memorize 10 SAT words each and every day, then 500 days continously or 2~3 years later, they would rote SAT 5000 words. Unfortunately, this plan most likely fails because almost no students can maintain a strong interest with such perseverance before the Forgetting Curve rules their mind unless they have a Tiger Mother Amy Chua to push them practice to the extreme. In addition, as students climb the learning curve, the learning speed changed little. Maverick's Xpeed Vodeos control students learning speed using Xpeed Learning Tempos while tuning up the outside tempos as students plow through the learning curve: entry-level students use the low speed media while experts at late stage use 2~5Xpeed for the testing review purpose to fight the Forgetting Curve. And most importantly Xpeed Learning makes students always scan back when the Forgetting Curve kicks in.

Why teenagers/adults using eyes to learn mostly fail while preschoolers using ears to learn always succeed unless an idiot? Most think small kids have a more advanced learning brain. But Maverick's Xpeed Learning Experiment finds that it is not because of people's brain difference but due to the tempo difference of learning matters. Since teenagers/adults can read, they're ego-centric in learning a subject, which means they use their own tempos to learn language or anything. However, little kids have no capability of reading words-only books, so they MUST match outside tempos by using ears to hear and then mimic people's speeches. Ironically, learners at entry level only have a maximum of 30~50 words/minute in brain processing speed on average, but all normal native speakers' speech speed is 150~180 words/minute, which means preschoolers' matching tempo is 3~6x times higher than teenagers' or adults'. That's why ears only have double and even triple learning effiiciency than eyes only.

Maverick's Carrier Learning Theory: First, Xpeed Learning uses extremely attractive media like golden songs as KNOWLEDGE CARRIER, then any subjects can be modulated into a carrier. Xpeed can use Audio as an outside tempo to carry all SAT words and test question/answer pairs. Compared to traditional learning mode in which when students listen to an Audio, most likely their eyes, mouth, hands and body have been wasted, and vice versa, Xpeed students are required to use all these learning channels simultaneously to the extreme in full swing, which can boost anyone's learning efficiency by 2~5x times. For instance, people's eyes are hundreds of times slower in processing serial abstract words or logic than parrarel perceptional pictures or animations. So, in our 50 SAT words-roting classes, which will be released soon, for every audio carrier, Xpeed Learning produces ~10 KNOWLEDGE MODULATING VIDEOs to make SAT Preparation 3~5x faster than ever before anywhere else.

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