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Spending 10 hours with of Global Elites Network Ivy League Business Ecosystem will 2~5Xpeed your learning efficiency for the rest of your life...

All American parents, please replace your kids' video game and TV time 5 hours a daily with the learning contents delivered on this channel for 1-year-old to grad-level students or even to post-grad career trainees, our whole US nation would be saved in the ever-losing war to other nations like China, Finland, Japan and Korea on the educational arena globally and your kids would be able to grow into a genius with the same talents as Tiger Cubs after years of intense training on the GeN Xpeed Learning Knowledge Management System Platform. American parents, we need action NOW just like Tiger Mother Amy Chua has been doing for her cubs over decades, child abuse aside!

Please create your own playlists to cater to needs on your kids' different stages of a learning curve and play them on your home TV automatically via Youtube, which will save you all Tiger Mother's time spent on educating her kids over two decades. You job is to monitor your kids learning schedule and we at GeN Xpeed Learning KMS Platform as Ivy League Learning Experts definitely help your kids to grow much much far far stronger than ever before in academia.

You can use all portable/mobile devices like smartphones/iPhone, iPad, notebook to learn Mandarin, English, Grammar, Preparation for SAT Testing, Spelling, Science like all Elements and Periodic Table of Chemstry anywhere, anytime by watching RoteLearningOrg aka XpeedLearning's Channel via Youtube. Want your kids to earn an Ivy League golden pass to Harvard et al, let your kids join GeN immediately, otherwise they would no doubt lose to those Xpeed Learning trainees who have been spending hours daily over years in tripling their learning efficiency. All American parents, ACTION NOW! Xpeed your kids learning efficiency with Global Elites Network Immediately!

Please turn up the TV or iPad volume as loud as possible because your brain needs energy to get neural wiring connected: the louder the sound, the faster and stronger the brain neuron connections become. Try to think, your brain weighs so little compared to your body but consumes 1/6 of energy. Will loud sounds hurt your hearing over the long haul? Noises mess around neural wiring but music or language of meaning will do good. Just don't be too loud so that kids just quit.

All the how-to-use procedures or background education materials at different stages of a learning curve, as well as learning notes and cheatsheets will be posted at or, which is part of the GeN education revolution project. Also, welcome all learners to contribute your own notes so that every followers can benefit. Also, please LIKE our fan page by searching Xpeed Learning or Rote Learning inside Facebook.

If you could triple your learning speed, you would learn 3x times more knowledge in your whole life than anybody else, which means you can achieve your doctorate degree within 20 years old or you can win 3 degrees as a college grad. GeN Xpeed Learning Methodology will make it happen to everyone who follows the procedures. In other words, if one can have triple learning speed than others, then others' Ivy League college opportunity such as attending Harvard will no doubt lose to him/her at the end of tunnel. It's a competitive world, either you win or lose and winners have all: come join us right now!

GeN Xpeed Learning KMS Platform's Mission Is:
To Boost All Americans Learning Chinese Culture with hands down like a native Chinese
To Boost All Chinese Learning English Culture a piece of cake like a native American
To Make your kids English-Mandarin Bilingual like native-borns as long as they can follow GeN Xpeed Learning Methodology starting from 1 year old until the end of their college or graduate school study.

Global Elites Network - Life-Time Alumni Career Improvements Social Platform for Top 5 Elite Colleges of Each Country or Top 5 Schools of Each Concentration.

Maverick's Xpeed Learning Methodology has been experimented in China more than 10 years ago on a large scale of thousands of students from 7 year-old pupils to adults in their 40's of graduate degrees. The outcome turned out to be extremely promising or even miraculous, and everyone would be able to make it as long as they could finish the designated learning procedure within a certain flexible time frame before the forgetting curve kicks in. With today's far better broadband Internet infrastructure, Global Elites Network can take Xpeed Learning Methodology to a much higher level in full swing, hopefully to become an educational revolution down the road globally: The knowledge has exploded so many times over the past several decades, yet human's learning methods have changed little...


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