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Sales & Marketing Career: Best 10 Companies for Commission-Based Jobs, SAP, Oracle, CA, Cisco Comm Avg $84K, $81K, $71K, $55K

Sales & Marketing Career: Best 10 Companies for Commission-Based Jobs, SAP, Oracle, CA, Cisco Comm Avg $84K, $81K, $71K, $55K

Jobs that rely on commissions usually have base salaries, but the additional compensation that comes from making sales accounts for a significant chunk of their annual paychecks. In fact, some salespeople could hardly get by on their base salaries alone, but they bring in close to six figures in commissions each year.

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Employees at companies like Oracle and CA Technologies and Cisco earn average annual sales commissions of more than $55,000, on top of their base salaries, according to salary reports shared with by salespeople at those firms., a jobs and career community where people can post salary information and workplace insights, took an in-depth look at the companies where salespeople earn the highest annual commission on sales, based on at least 20 salary reports for each company. No. 1 on the list is the enterprise software provider SAP America. Based on what salespeople at that company reported, the average annual sales commission at SAP is $84,266.

“The commission numbers there tend to be on the high end,” says Glassdoor spokesperson Samantha Zupan. “If you’re a job seeker thinking this is awesome, know that your commission potential as a salesperson can vary significantly.”

She says high commissions do not always reflect lengthy tenure at a company. Your years of experience in an industry, particular position, company, location, and how good you are at your job all contribute to how much commission you can earn.

Rock-star salespeople at CA Technologies can bring in an average annual commission of $80,963, making that IT giant the second best company for salespeople. The global tech firm Alcatel-Lucent holds the No. 3 spot, with an average annual commission of $71,005.

“It’s not too surprising that tech companies top the list,” Zupan says. “This is an industry that’s moving very quickly. It’s in the spotlight, it’s fast-paced and innovative, and it needs salespeople who can keep up.”

Sales jobs are extremely competitive, she says, especially in the tech industry. “You need to be quick on your feet, knowledgeable and a quick learner. You also need to ask a lot of questions and put yourself in the position of your customers. You need to be asking the questions that your clients may ask you. You need to be hungry for information so that when it comes time to make the sale, you can address how your product can fulfill your client’s needs.”

If you do all these things, you may be able work for Oracle and earn $66,023 in commission each year, or bring in $55,468 at Cisco.



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