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Ranking List - Salary & Stress Table: CareerCast 2011 Best & Worst 100 Jobs, a Leading Indicator for All College Applicants

Ranking List - Salary & Stress Table: CareerCast 2011 Best & Worst 100 Jobs, a Leading Indicator for All College Applicants

The geeks strike back: despite enduring an industry bubble and the threat of outsourcing, Software Engineer ranks as the Best Job of 2011. In recent years, the job market has increasingly rewarded math whizzes at the expense of less technical professionals.

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ActuaryMathematician andAccountant have all ranked among the best jobs in America by offering a pleasant work environment, good salary and healthy job security. But in 2011, as the emergence of specialized technologies creates new industries, landing the year's best job requires not just skill with numbers, but a strong knowledge of computers too.

Software Engineer, a job that involves the design and creation of software for everything from operating systems to cell phone "apps" to interactive games, ranks as the best job of 2011, according to this year's Jobs Rated report. Surveying 200 different professions across a wide variety of industries, skill levels and salary ranges, Jobs Rated researchers determine their rankings of the best jobs and worst jobs according to five core criteria: Work Environment, Physical Demands, Outlook, Income and Stress. The goal of each Jobs Rated report is to determine how gratifying each profession will be for a majority of workers – not just those who are famous or exceptional – so they can be sorted into a list of the "worst" and "best" jobs.

What helped Software Engineer capture the title of America's Best Job? While many factors push a career to the top of the rankings, the strong performance of Software Engineer this year can be attributed to two emerging industries: web applications and cloud computing. A proliferation of companies making applications for smartphones and tablets, along with the push to develop "cloud" software hosted entirely online, has made the job market for Software Engineers broader and more diverse. And a diverse job market brings improvements in stress factors such as Growth Potential and Competitiveness, as workers become less beholden to employers or vulnerable to outsourcing. In fact, the stress ranking for Software Engineer improved 10 spots this year, jumping from 25th to 15th place overall.

By contrast, 2010’s Best Job, Actuary, saw both its overall outlook and stress rankings fall sharply for 2011, due in part to continued uncertainty regarding insurance industry regulation.

Each year the Jobs Rated report seeks to find professions that provide the best overall experience for workers, not just jobs that excel in one particular area. For 2011, Software Engineer managed to rank better than 15th for every measurement criteria save one – Income, where it still finished 23rd. This means that on average, the profession offers a comfortable work environment, few intense physical demands, better than average income, strong hiring and comparatively low stress, helping it easily rank among the best jobs of the year. And while there may be exceptions to these findings (both good and bad), when compared to a low-ranking job such as Garbage Collector, which requires intense physical labor in an unpleasant work environment for little pay, Software Engineer fares particularly well.

Continuing a recent trend, a majority of the jobs that rank in the top 10 this year require proficiency in math, science or technology, and all of them require higher education or specialized training:


1. Software Engineer

Researches, designs, develops and maintains software systems along with hardware development for medical, scientific, and industrial purposes.Overall Score: 60.00Income: $87,140.00Work Environment:150.000Stress:10.400Physical Demands:5.00Hiring Outlook:27.40

2. Mathematician

Applies mathematical theories and formulas to teach or solve problems in a business, educational, or industrial climate.Overall Score: 73.00Income: $94,178.00Work Environment:89.720Stress:12.780Physical Demands:3.97Hiring Outlook:19.78


3. Actuary

Interprets statistics to determine probabilities of accidents, sickness, and death, and loss of property from theft and natural disasters.Overall Score: 123.00Income: $87,204.00Work Environment:179.440Stress:16.040Physical Demands:3.97Hiring Outlook:17.04


4. Statistician

Tabulates, analyzes, and interprets the numeric results of experiments and surveys.Overall Score: 129.00Income: $73,208.00Work Environment:89.520Stress:14.080Physical Demands:3.95Hiring Outlook:11.08


5. Computer Systems Analyst

Plans and develops computer systems for businesses and scientific institutions.Overall Score: 147.00Income: $77,153.00Work Environment:90.780Stress:16.530Physical Demands:5.08Hiring Outlook:15.53


6. Meteorologist

Studies the physical characteristics, motions and processes of the earth's atmosphere.Overall Score: 175.00Income: $85,210.00Work Environment:179.640Stress:15.100Physical Demands:6.98Hiring Outlook:12.10


7. Biologist

Studies the relationship of plants and animals to their environment.Overall Score: 182.00Income: $74,278.00Work Environment:314.370Stress:15.780Physical Demands:4.98Hiring Outlook:11.78


8. Historian

Analyzes and records historical information from a specific era or according to a particular area of expertise.Overall Score: 192.00Income: $63,208.00Work Environment:136.410Stress:17.080Physical Demands:5.09Hiring Outlook:11.08


9. Audiologist

Diagnoses and treats hearing problems by attempting to discover the range, nature, and degree of hearing function.Overall Score: 195.00Income: $63,144.00Work Environment:463.430Stress:9.440Physical Demands:7.43Hiring Outlook:21.44


10. Dental Hygienist

Assists dentists in diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of a group or private dental practice.Overall Score: 197.00Income: $67,107.00Work Environment:593.250Stress:12.070Physical Demands:7.00Hiring Outlook:33.07


11. Sociologist

Studies human behavior by examining the interaction of social groups and institutions.Overall Score: 200.00Income: $70,122.00Work Environment:322.240Stress:19.470Physical Demands:5.09Hiring Outlook:19.63


12. Accountant

Prepares and analyzes financial reports to assist managers in business, industry and government.Overall Score: 216.00Income: $60,174.00Work Environment:276.780Stress:19.740Physical Demands:4.23Hiring Outlook:16.74


13. Paralegal Assistant

Assists attorneys in preparation of legal documents; collection of depositions and affidavits; and investigation, research and analysis of legal issues.Overall Score: 217.00Income: $47,153.00Work Environment:263.820Stress:16.530Physical Demands:5.79Hiring Outlook:23.53


14. Physicist

Researches and develops theories concerning the physical forces of nature.Overall Score: 217.00Income: $106,196.00Work Environment:269.460Stress:16.960Physical Demands:7.98Hiring Outlook:11.96


15. Financial Planner

Related to careers in portfolio management, the financial planner offers a broad range of services aimed at assisting individuals in managing and planning their financial future.Overall Score: 223.00Income: $101,164.00Work Environment:225.000Stress:18.640Physical Demands:4.00Hiring Outlook:3.64


16. Philosopher

Studies questions concerning the nature of intellectual concepts, and attempts to construct rational theories concerning our understanding of the world around us.Overall Score: 225.00Income: $61,221.00Work Environment:361.440Stress:12.560Physical Demands:6.04Hiring Outlook:8.56


17. Occupational Therapist

Develops individualized programs of activity for mentally, physically, developmentally and emotionally impaired persons, to aid them in achieving self-reliance.Overall Score: 230.00Income: $70,193.00Work Environment:505.560Stress:13.220Physical Demands:8.43Hiring Outlook:24.22


18. Parole Officer

Monitors, counsels, and reports on the progress of individuals who have been released from correctional institutions to serve parole.Overall Score: 236.00Income: $47,155.00Work Environment:381.060Stress:12.550Physical Demands:6.47Hiring Outlook:17.55


19. Aerospace Engineer

Designs, develops, and tests new technologies concerned with the manufacture of commercial and military aircraft and spacecraft.Overall Score: 240.00Income: $95,130.00Work Environment:230.300Stress:20.300Physical Demands:6.21Hiring Outlook:8.30


20. Economist

Studies and analyzes the effects of resources such as land, labor, and raw materials, on costs and their relation to industry and government.Overall Score: 247.00Income: $87,240.00Work Environment:227.350Stress:17.400Physical Demands:4.09Hiring Outlook:-0.60


21. Speech Pathologist

Assesses hearing, speech, and language disabilities and provides treatment. Assists individuals with communication disorders through diagnostic techniques.Overall Score: 251.00Income: $65,143.00Work Environment:463.430Stress:12.430Physical Demands:9.43Hiring Outlook:17.43


22. Astronomer

Uses principles of physics and mathematics to understand the workings of the universe.Overall Score: 252.00Income: $105,233.00Work Environment:314.370Stress:21.330Physical Demands:7.98Hiring Outlook:14.33


23. Loan Officer

Loan officers help people apply for loans. This lets people do things like buy a house or a car, or pay for college.Overall Score: 256.00Income: $55,239.00Work Environment:390.560Stress:14.110Physical Demands:4.76Hiring Outlook:5.39


24. Petroleum Engineer

Plans drilling locations and effective production methods for optimal access to oil and natural gas.Overall Score: 257.00Income: $109,147.00Work Environment:322.420Stress:18.930Physical Demands:8.21Hiring Outlook:10.47


25. Dietitian

Assesses patients' dietary needs, plans menus, and instructs patients and their families about proper nutritional care.Overall Score: 270.00Income: $52,127.00Work Environment:334.400Stress:10.270Physical Demands:6.36Hiring Outlook:4.27


26. Technical Writer

Transforms scientific and technical information into readily understandable language.Overall Score: 270.00Income: $63,170.00Work Environment:221.250Stress:18.700Physical Demands:5.85Hiring Outlook:4.70


27. Optometrist

Diagnoses visual disorders and prescribes and administers corrective and rehabilitative treatments.Overall Score: 273.00Income: $96,163.00Work Environment:538.340Stress:16.630Physical Demands:9.79Hiring Outlook:19.93


28. Computer Programmer

Organizes and lists the instructions for computers to process data and solve problems in logical order.Overall Score: 273.00Income: $71,176.00Work Environment:265.080Stress:11.760Physical Demands:5.84Hiring Outlook:-7.24


29. Librarian

Selects and organizes materials to make information available to the public.Overall Score: 282.00Income: $54,197.00Work Environment:385.200Stress:11.480Physical Demands:7.56Hiring Outlook:6.48


30. Medical Technologist

Performs lab analysis for diagnosis and treatment of disease.Overall Score: 285.00Income: $55,100.00Work Environment:371.700Stress:16.000Physical Demands:7.26Hiring Outlook:10.00


31. Stenographer/Court Reporter

Transcribes testimony, judicial decisions, and other proceedings of a court of law.Overall Score: 292.00Income: $48,256.00Work Environment:361.440Stress:18.560Physical Demands:7.03Hiring Outlook:17.56


32. Chiropractor

Treats physical problems by manipulating various parts of the body, especially the spinal column.Overall Score: 296.00Income: $68,358.00Work Environment:587.280Stress:13.580Physical Demands:12.79Hiring Outlook:21.58


33. Civil Engineer

Plans and supervises the building of roads, bridges, tunnels, and buildings.Overall Score: 297.00Income: $76,139.00Work Environment:322.420Stress:22.390Physical Demands:10.21Hiring Outlook:22.39


34. Medical Secretary

Transcribes dictations, prepares correspondence, and assists physicians and other medical scientists in compiling reports, articles, speeches and conference proceedings.Overall Score: 298.00Income: $30,110.00Work Environment:318.290Stress:15.100Physical Demands:6.06Hiring Outlook:24.10


35. Medical Laboratory Technician

Conducts routine laboratory tests and analysis used in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.Overall Score: 299.00Income: $36,129.00Work Environment:454.300Stress:9.290Physical Demands:7.26Hiring Outlook:14.29


36. Pharmacist

Advises physicians and patients on the affects of drugs and medications; prepares and dispenses prescriptions.Overall Score: 302.00Income: $109,070.00Work Environment:788.640Stress:15.700Physical Demands:8.86Hiring Outlook:14.70


37. Industrial Engineer

Plans for optimum use of facilities and personnel to improve industrial efficiency.Overall Score: 307.00Income: $75,122.00Work Environment:230.300Stress:20.220Physical Demands:8.21Hiring Outlook:6.22


38. Purchasing Agent

Assesses an establishment's needs and available products, and buys raw materials, equipment and machinery, furniture, and other supplies accordingly.Overall Score: 309.00Income: $55,165.00Work Environment:230.850Stress:19.650Physical Demands:7.23Hiring Outlook:6.65


39. Bookkeeper

Maintains financial records and prepares statements of a company's income and daily operating expenses.Overall Score: 311.00Income: $33,138.00Work Environment:204.400Stress:12.380Physical Demands:5.18Hiring Outlook:4.38


40. Medical Records Technician

Maintains complete, accurate, and up-to-date medical records for use in treatment, billing, and statistical surveys.Overall Score: 312.00Income: $31,148.00Work Environment:165.200Stress:7.480Physical Demands:7.26Hiring Outlook:6.48


41. School Principal

Supervises the educational curricula and day-to-day activities in elementary and secondary schools, as well as colleges and universities.Overall Score: 312.00Income: $85,119.00Work Environment:432.990Stress:25.190Physical Demands:5.62Hiring Outlook:7.19


42. Dental Laboratory Technician

Makes and repairs dentures, crowns, and orthodontic devices.Overall Score: 317.00Income: $35,176.00Work Environment:404.100Stress:11.760Physical Demands:7.98Hiring Outlook:12.76


43. Tax Examiner/Collector

Determines tax liability and collects taxes from individuals or businesses.Overall Score: 330.00Income: $49,214.00Work Environment:449.100Stress:17.140Physical Demands:7.98Hiring Outlook:12.14


44. Web Developer

Creating and maintaining layout, navigation, and interactivity of intranet and internet websites.Overall Score: 332.00Income: $83,086.00Work Environment:275.000Stress:21.860Physical Demands:10.00Hiring Outlook:8.86


45. Physical Therapist

Plans and directs treatment to improve mobility and alleviate pain in persons disabled by injury or disease.Overall Score: 333.00Income: $74,104.00Work Environment:716.210Stress:14.040Physical Demands:15.43Hiring Outlook:28.04


46. Vocational Counselor

Helps students with educational and social problems, and provides vocational guidance.Overall Score: 338.00Income: $53,171.00Work Environment:556.400Stress:14.710Physical Demands:8.56Hiring Outlook:9.71


47. Motion Picture Editor

Supervises the filming and editing of motion pictures for entertainment, business, and educational purposes.Overall Score: 339.00Income: $51,352.00Work Environment:274.680Stress:20.520Physical Demands:7.16Hiring Outlook:6.52


48. Physiologist

Studies the life functions of plants and animals, both in their natural habitats, and under experimental or abnormal conditions.Overall Score: 349.00Income: $51,181.00Work Environment:359.280Stress:16.810Physical Demands:7.98Hiring Outlook:5.81


49. Nuclear Engineer

Conducts research, designs, and monitors the operation and maintenance of nuclear reactors and power plant equipment.Overall Score: 352.00Income: $97,109.00Work Environment:322.420Stress:32.090Physical Demands:6.21Hiring Outlook:5.09


50. Insurance Underwriter

Assesses and analyzes the risks inherent in insuring potential policy holders before making recommendations to the insurance companies that employ them.Overall Score: 355.00Income: $58,175.00Work Environment:228.100Stress:16.750Physical Demands:7.12Hiring Outlook:-5.25


51. Industrial Designer

Designs and develops manufactured products.Overall Score: 360.00Income: $58,200.00Work Environment:177.000Stress:25.000Physical Demands:6.85Hiring Outlook:1.00


52. Orthodontist

Diagnoses and corrects deviations in dental growth, development and position.Overall Score: 365.00Income: $121,065.00Work Environment:940.590Stress:22.650Physical Demands:8.96Hiring Outlook:17.65


53. Museum Curator

Plans and directs activities of workers and arranges for the exhibition of articles of interest to museum visitors.Overall Score: 367.00Income: $48,211.00Work Environment:428.000Stress:21.110Physical Demands:9.56Hiring Outlook:19.11


54. Judge

Arbitrates legal matters coming under the jurisdiction of the federal government, using a thorough knowledge of federal statutes and legal precedent.Overall Score: 367.00Income: $113,439.00Work Environment:655.980Stress:21.390Physical Demands:5.09Hiring Outlook:-1.61


55. Personnel Recruiter

Interviews prospective employees, administers tests, and provides information about company policies and available jobs.Overall Score: 370.00Income: $46,211.00Work Environment:737.850Stress:20.110Physical Demands:5.84Hiring Outlook:15.11


56. Geologist

Studies and analyzes the physical properties of the earth's surface, adding to our knowledge of oil and gas exploration techniques.Overall Score: 372.00Income: $81,274.00Work Environment:449.100Stress:23.740Physical Demands:12.98Hiring Outlook:14.74


57. Podiatrist

Diagnoses and treats problems of the feet, through corrective devices, medication, therapy, and surgery.Overall Score: 373.00Income: $116,249.00Work Environment:783.040Stress:18.490Physical Demands:10.79Hiring Outlook:9.49


58. Market Research Analyst

Collects and evaluates data to make recommendations to businesses concerning trends in consumer purchasing.Overall Score: 375.00Income: $62,229.00Work Environment:863.930Stress:32.290Physical Demands:4.09Hiring Outlook:21.29


59. Jeweler

Manufactures and repairs rings, bracelets, pins, and necklaces using precious or semi-precious metals and stones.Overall Score: 376.00Income: $34,200.00Work Environment:316.400Stress:8.000Physical Demands:6.04Hiring Outlook:-8.00


60. Anthropologist

Studies the social customs, language, and physical attributes of people throughout the world.Overall Score: 380.00Income: $53,175.00Work Environment:500.170Stress:26.750Physical Demands:9.09Hiring Outlook:25.75


61. Architectural Drafter

Prepares drawings according to the specifications of scientists, architects, and engineers.Overall Score: 390.00Income: $46,141.00Work Environment:222.950Stress:17.410Physical Demands:6.92Hiring Outlook:-3.59


62. Mechanical Engineer

Develops mechanical products and coordinates the operation and repair of power-using and power-producing machinery.Overall Score: 392.00Income: $77,136.00Work Environment:278.460Stress:22.360Physical Demands:10.28Hiring Outlook:1.36


63. Optician

Fills lens prescriptions, and fits eyeglasses and contact lenses.Overall Score: 395.00Income: $33,143.00Work Environment:371.700Stress:15.430Physical Demands:8.26Hiring Outlook:8.43


64. Archeologist

Studies, analyzes, and collects data based on research of ancient, often preliterate cultures.Overall Score: 398.00Income: $51,190.00Work Environment:545.640Stress:26.900Physical Demands:9.09Hiring Outlook:25.90


65. VeterinarianMinisters to the care of animals through the use of preventative and diagnostic techniques.Overall Score: 399.00Income: $81,198.00Work Environment:978.800Stress:15.980Physical Demands:17.79Hiring Outlook:32.98


66. Typist/Word Processor

Prepares and edits typed or electronic copies of handwritten, printed, or magnetically recorded documents.Overall Score: 402.00Income: $33,104.00Work Environment:160.640Stress:13.040Physical Demands:5.03Hiring Outlook:-16.96


67. Cosmetologist

Creates hair styles, and advises clients about caring for their hair between appointments.Overall Score: 404.00Income: $23,169.00Work Environment:581.140Stress:10.690Physical Demands:9.30Hiring Outlook:15.69


68. Clergy

Leads a congregation in worship and other spiritual services, provides moral guidance to members, and participates in community outreach.Overall Score: 410.00Income: $43,226.00Work Environment:626.520Stress:21.260Physical Demands:7.44Hiring Outlook:14.26


69. Chemist

Develops substances through research of properties and composition; assists industry and individuals by study of chemical structures of products.Overall Score: 411.00Income: $68,195.00Work Environment:449.100Stress:16.950Physical Demands:9.98Hiring Outlook:-2.05


70. Musical Instrument Repairer

Maintains and repairs band and orchestral instruments of all kinds.Overall Score: 413.00Income: $33,211.00Work Environment:234.700Stress:8.110Physical Demands:9.39Hiring Outlook:-2.89


71. Zoologist

Studies the behavior, life processes, origins, and diseases of animals.Overall Score: 422.00Income: $57,166.00Work Environment:356.720Stress:19.660Physical Demands:14.19Hiring Outlook:5.66


72. Conservationist

Conducts research into range problems, and manages range lands to make efficient use of livestock and wildlife without destroying their habitat.Overall Score: 423.00Income: $54,114.00Work Environment:673.650Stress:14.140Physical Demands:15.98Hiring Outlook:10.14


73. Social Worker

Assists individuals, families, and groups in need of counseling and special social services.Overall Score: 424.00Income: $40,154.00Work Environment:550.420Stress:24.540Physical Demands:5.47Hiring Outlook:7.54


74. Set Designer

Plans and assembles theatrical sets for film, television and stage productions.Overall Score: 428.00Income: $45,219.00Work Environment:354.000Stress:19.190Physical Demands:8.85Hiring Outlook:1.19


75. Dentist

Examines, cleans, and repairs teeth, and diagnoses and treats diseases and abnormalities of the mouth.Overall Score: 431.00Income: $142,144.00Work Environment:1119.750Stress:23.440Physical Demands:9.96Hiring Outlook:14.44


76. Barber

Shampoos, trims, cuts, and styles hair according to the desires of customers.Overall Score: 432.00Income: $24,169.00Work Environment:575.120Stress:8.690Physical Demands:9.22Hiring Outlook:7.69


77. Occupational Safety/Health Inspector

Examines places of business to ensure that equipment and work conditions do not endanger the health and safety of employees.Overall Score: 433.00Income: $63,145.00Work Environment:538.920Stress:17.450Physical Demands:14.98Hiring Outlook:6.45


78. Electrical Engineer

Conducts research and plans and directs design, testing, and manufacture of electrical equipment.Overall Score: 437.00Income: $83,135.00Work Environment:318.920Stress:23.350Physical Demands:11.11Hiring Outlook:-2.65


79. Psychologist

Studies human behavior, emotion, and mental processes, and provides counseling and therapy for individuals.Overall Score: 438.00Income: $66,179.00Work Environment:727.520Stress:28.790Physical Demands:7.09Hiring Outlook:6.79


80. Publication Editor

Plans and directs the editorial activities of various publications.Overall Score: 446.00Income: $51,246.00Work Environment:486.750Stress:25.460Physical Demands:4.85Hiring Outlook:-3.54


81. Author

Creates fiction and non-fiction books, either on assignment from editors, or independently.Overall Score: 448.00Income: $54,279.00Work Environment:752.250Stress:29.790Physical Demands:6.85Hiring Outlook:8.79


82. Attorney

Counsels clients in legal matters; using interpretation of laws and rulings to advise and represent businesses and individuals.Overall Score: 448.00Income: $113,211.00Work Environment:1261.500Stress:36.110Physical Demands:6.09Hiring Outlook:10.11


83. Physician (General Practice)

Performs examinations, diagnoses medical conditions, and prescribes treatment for individuals suffering from injury, discomfort or disease.Overall Score: 449.00Income: $192,065.00Work Environment:1471.500Stress:25.650Physical Demands:10.90Hiring Outlook:20.65


84. Engineering Technician

Assists engineers in planning, design, and development by applying a practical knowledge of civil, mechanical, or industrial engineering.Overall Score: 462.00Income: $55,142.00Work Environment:493.790Stress:23.420Physical Demands:7.98Hiring Outlook:-2.58


85. Physician Assistant

Aids in the performance of essential procedures which free physicians to attend to more specialized aspects of their work.Overall Score: 463.00Income: $84,105.00Work Environment:1295.800Stress:32.050Physical Demands:9.36Hiring Outlook:37.05


86. Bank Teller

Cashes checks, makes deposits and withdrawals, and handles a variety of other transactions for bank customers.Overall Score: 469.00Income: $24,083.00Work Environment:642.560Stress:12.830Physical Demands:6.03Hiring Outlook:-0.17


87. Artist (Fine Art)

Creates artwork independently, usually in the form of painting, drawing, sculpture, or other visual mediums.Overall Score: 477.00Income: $44,335.00Work Environment:486.750Stress:23.350Physical Demands:9.85Hiring Outlook:6.35


88. Respiratory Therapist

Treats and rehabilitates patients suffering from cardiopulmonary (heart and lung) ailments which interfere with normal breathing.Overall Score: 482.00Income: $53,085.00Work Environment:884.730Stress:19.850Physical Demands:13.43Hiring Outlook:12.85


89. Bookbinder

Participates in the assembly of books or magazines for commercial printing companies.Overall Score: 483.00Income: $31,194.00Work Environment:359.200Stress:5.940Physical Demands:8.98Hiring Outlook:-24.06


90. Photographic Process Worker

Develops photographic film, makes prints and slides, prepares enlargements, and retouches photographs.Overall Score: 491.00Income: $26,182.00Work Environment:404.100Stress:6.820Physical Demands:7.98Hiring Outlook:-20.18


91. Teacher's Aide

Supervises elementary school students in the classroom, school yard, and in the cafeteria, operates audio-visual equipment, records grades, and prepares educational materials.Overall Score: 495.00Income: $23,119.00Work Environment:546.780Stress:14.190Physical Demands:7.41Hiring Outlook:-0.81


92. Psychiatrist

Studies, diagnoses, and treats mental, emotional and behavioral disorders.Overall Score: 496.00Income: $160,242.00Work Environment:1417.000Stress:24.420Physical Demands:11.90Hiring Outlook:9.42


93. Heating/Refrigeration Mechanic

Installs and services air-conditioning and furnace systems in businesses and residences.Overall Score: 504.00Income: $41,154.00Work Environment:633.500Stress:20.540Physical Demands:20.05Hiring Outlook:17.54


94. Nurse (Registered)

Assists physicians in administering holistic medical care and treatment to assigned patients in clinics, hospitals, public health centers, and health maintenance organizations.Overall Score: 504.00Income: $64,114.00Work Environment:1018.750Stress:30.140Physical Demands:13.15Hiring Outlook:20.14


95. Sewage Plant Operator

Monitors and controls processes and equipment to remove harmful waste materials from sewage.Overall Score: 506.00Income: $40,148.00Work Environment:734.240Stress:17.480Physical Demands:18.18Hiring Outlook:15.48


96. Hotel Manager

Oversees the successful and profitable operation of hotels and motels.Overall Score: 506.00Income: $46,207.00Work Environment:807.120Stress:23.070Physical Demands:6.97Hiring Outlook:1.07


97. Telephone Installer/Repairer

Installs, services, cleans, tests, and repairs telephones and switchboard systems.Overall Score: 506.00Income: $58,134.00Work Environment:657.160Stress:14.340Physical Demands:15.39Hiring Outlook:-3.66


98. Industrial Machine Repairer

Maintains, inspects, and repairs industrial machinery.Overall Score: 507.00Income: $44,131.00Work Environment:422.460Stress:16.310Physical Demands:16.39Hiring Outlook:-0.69


99. Broadcast Technician

Runs and maintains the equipment used to transmit radio and television messages.Overall Score: 518.00Income: $33,272.00Work Environment:351.760Stress:17.720Physical Demands:8.79Hiring Outlook:-9.28


100. Teacher

Introduces children to the basics of mathematics, language, science, and social studies, and assists other aspects of child development.Overall Score: 528.00Income: $51,132.00Work Environment:709.600Stress:27.320Physical Demands:11.87Hiring Outlook:8.32


101. Surgeon

Diagnoses ailments and performs operations to repair, reconstruct, remove, or replace organs, limbs, and bodily systems.Overall Score: 528.00Income: $365,258.00Work Environment:1962.000Stress:30.580Physical Demands:15.90Hiring Outlook:20.58


102. Electrical Equipment Repairer

Installs and repairs electronic equipment for military installations, manufacturers, and businesses.Overall Score: 529.00Income: $51,132.00Work Environment:657.160Stress:16.320Physical Demands:13.39Hiring Outlook:-3.68


103. Insurance Agent

Sells insurance and advises clients about amount and type of coverage based on needs and circumstances.Overall Score: 531.00Income: $46,342.00Work Environment:1085.520Stress:36.420Physical Demands:6.05Hiring Outlook:9.42


104. Receptionist

Greets visitors to offices, answers questions, and refers customers to appropriate staff.Overall Score: 531.00Income: $25,118.00Work Environment:665.210Stress:23.180Physical Demands:6.00Hiring Outlook:4.18


105. Cashier

Receives payments, makes change, and provides receipts for goods sold.Overall Score: 533.00Income: $18,067.00Work Environment:595.360Stress:12.670Physical Demands:7.00Hiring Outlook:-9.33


106. Advertising Account Executive

Negotiates to procure accounts, and supervises advertising campaigns for products, companies, and organizations.Overall Score: 536.00Income: $62,105.00Work Environment:1010.100Stress:41.050Physical Demands:4.62Hiring Outlook:-0.95


107. Vending Machine Repairer

Performs maintenance and repairs on coin-operated vending and amusement machines.Overall Score: 538.00Income: $30,147.00Work Environment:469.400Stress:11.470Physical Demands:14.39Hiring Outlook:-3.53


108. Architect

Plans and designs spaces to be constructed or remodeled according to specifications of clients.Overall Score: 542.00Income: $73,193.00Work Environment:1195.000Stress:39.930Physical Demands:6.92Hiring Outlook:5.93


109. Electrical Technician

Develops, assembles, and tests electrical equipment according to principles of electrical engineering.Overall Score: 542.00Income: $32,969.00Work Environment:502.260Stress:8.690Physical Demands:12.13Hiring Outlook:-14.31


110. Computer Service Technician

Repairs malfunctions, maintains service according to manufacturers' schedules, and sometimes installs computers and peripheral equipment.Overall Score: 547.00Income: $37,164.00Work Environment:610.220Stress:12.640Physical Demands:12.39Hiring Outlook:-11.36


111. Stockbroker

Facilitates the purchase and sale of stocks, bonds, and other securities for individual and institutional clients.Overall Score: 548.00Income: $67,470.00Work Environment:1155.750Stress:39.700Physical Demands:7.25Hiring Outlook:4.70


112. Forklift Operator

Operates industrial trucks and tractors to move products and raw materials for manufacturing firms.Overall Score: 548.00Income: $30,114.00Work Environment:454.500Stress:10.140Physical Demands:14.09Hiring Outlook:-7.86


113. Public Relations Executive

Helps governmental bodies, businesses and individuals maintain a positive image with the public.Overall Score: 552.00Income: $90,160.00Work Environment:1247.130Stress:47.600Physical Demands:7.24Hiring Outlook:2.60


114. Corporate Executive (Senior)

Formulates the policies and directs the operations of private and publicly-held companies.Overall Score: 556.00Income: $161,141.00Work Environment:1540.000Stress:47.410Physical Demands:6.00Hiring Outlook:-2.59


115. Construction Foreman

Supervises the work of employees and ensures that equipment and materials are being used properly and effectively.Overall Score: 558.00Income: $82,210.00Work Environment:923.210Stress:31.100Physical Demands:20.72Hiring Outlook:10.10


116. Piano Tuner

Adjusts piano strings to achieve proper musical pitch.Overall Score: 559.00Income: $33,229.00Work Environment:563.280Stress:14.290Physical Demands:13.39Hiring Outlook:-3.71


117. Furniture Upholsterer

Builds new furniture and restores worn furniture using a thorough knowledge of fabrics and manufacturing techniques.Overall Score: 560.00Income: $30,147.00Work Environment:504.360Stress:10.470Physical Demands:14.41Hiring Outlook:-6.53


118. Communications Equipment Mechanic

Installs, repairs and maintains residential and commercial phone systems.Overall Score: 562.00Income: $56,132.00Work Environment:610.220Stress:24.320Physical Demands:14.39Hiring Outlook:-2.68


119. Agricultural Scientist

Researches methods to improve quantity and quality of yields from farm crops and livestock, and attempts to find practical solutions to problems in agriculture.Overall Score: 564.00Income: $34,150.00Work Environment:494.010Stress:19.500Physical Demands:13.98Hiring Outlook:0.50


120. Compositor/Typesetter

Typesetters operate keyboards to prepare print documents, while compositors lay out pages, check proofs and make corrections.Overall Score: 565.00Income: $33,165.00Work Environment:440.900Stress:16.650Physical Demands:10.82Hiring Outlook:-12.35


121. Commercial Airline Pilot

Operates an aircraft to transport passengers and cargo to appointed destinations.Overall Score: 566.00Income: $106,153.00Work Environment:1064.160Stress:59.530Physical Demands:10.87Hiring Outlook:5.53


122. Appliance Repairer

Performs major and routine maintenance on a variety of electrical home appliances.Overall Score: 571.00Income: $34,152.00Work Environment:610.220Stress:12.520Physical Demands:14.39Hiring Outlook:-10.48


123. Office Machine Repairer

Repairs and maintains business machines.Overall Score: 573.00Income: $38,157.00Work Environment:611.910Stress:15.570Physical Demands:12.41Hiring Outlook:-11.43


124. Undertaker

Prepares bodies for burial, and arranges and directs funerals.Overall Score: 574.00Income: $54,203.00Work Environment:1015.400Stress:29.030Physical Demands:15.15Hiring Outlook:11.03


125. Real Estate Agent

Acts as intermediary between buyer and seller in real estate transactions, usually by being the prime salesperson of a property.Overall Score: 578.00Income: $40,357.00Work Environment:1293.570Stress:38.570Physical Demands:8.58Hiring Outlook:16.57


126. Telephone Operator

Operates manual or computerized telephone switchboards and assists in the placement of local and long distance calls.Overall Score: 581.00Income: $31,163.00Work Environment:719.820Stress:15.630Physical Demands:9.00Hiring Outlook:-8.37


127. Nurse (Licensed Practical)

Assists doctors and registered nurses in the care of physically or mentally ill patients.Overall Score: 583.00Income: $40,090.00Work Environment:1080.000Stress:25.900Physical Demands:15.00Hiring Outlook:18.90


128. Newscaster

Prepares and delivers news and related presentations over the air on radio and television.Overall Score: 583.00Income: $50,456.00Work Environment:929.250Stress:43.560Physical Demands:6.85Hiring Outlook:-0.44


129. Surveyor

Establishes official land and aquatic boundaries, measures construction and mining sites, writes technical property descriptions for deeds and leases, and prepares maps and charts.Overall Score: 585.00Income: $54,197.00Work Environment:956.970Stress:27.970Physical Demands:24.11Hiring Outlook:13.97


130. Shipping/Receiving Clerk

Monitors the movement of shipments of merchandise into and out of places of business.Overall Score: 585.00Income: $28,132.00Work Environment:520.320Stress:14.320Physical Demands:9.67Hiring Outlook:-17.68


131. Dressmaker

Follows design instructions, operates a sewing machine to join, reinforce, and decorate parts of garments or other textiles.Overall Score: 590.00Income: $27,147.00Work Environment:704.310Stress:7.470Physical Demands:13.29Hiring Outlook:-10.53


132. Tool-And-Die Maker

Constructs and repairs precision tools, gauges, holding devices and stamping tools for the machine industry.Overall Score: 595.00Income: $47,122.00Work Environment:740.550Stress:14.220Physical Demands:16.87Hiring Outlook:-12.78


133. Guard

Protects property from damages incurred by theft, fire, and vandalism.Overall Score: 600.00Income: $24,135.00Work Environment:812.060Stress:16.350Physical Demands:12.55Hiring Outlook:3.35


134. Automobile Assembler

Assembles parts or contributes to the final assembly of automobiles and trucks.Overall Score: 600.00Income: $27,263.00Work Environment:639.450Stress:8.630Physical Demands:13.53Hiring Outlook:-14.37


135. Precision Assembler

Works on sub-assembly or final assembly of products such as machinery, electronic equipment, or aircraft.Overall Score: 604.00Income: $28,150.00Work Environment:639.450Stress:9.500Physical Demands:13.53Hiring Outlook:-14.50


136. Railroad Conductor

Operates an electric, diesel-electric, or gas-turbine- electric locomotive to transport passengers and freight.Overall Score: 605.00Income: $54,145.00Work Environment:830.280Stress:32.450Physical Demands:14.77Hiring Outlook:5.45


137. Machine Tool Operator

Operates computerized machines in the manufacture of industrial parts.Overall Score: 616.00Income: $34,122.00Work Environment:753.100Stress:14.220Physical Demands:14.86Hiring Outlook:-6.78


138. Machinist

Operates machinery in manufacturing plants for fabrication of industrial parts.Overall Score: 621.00Income: $38,138.00Work Environment:756.800Stress:13.380Physical Demands:17.46Hiring Outlook:-12.62


139. Waiter/Waitress

Takes customer orders, serves food and drink, and prepares meal checks.Overall Score: 621.00Income: $18,100.00Work Environment:687.420Stress:15.000Physical Demands:11.00Hiring Outlook:-5.00


140. Bartender

Mixes and serves drinks to customers of a tavern, restaurant, or lounge.Overall Score: 621.00Income: $18,107.00Work Environment:796.740Stress:13.070Physical Demands:13.00Hiring Outlook:-2.93


141. Janitor

Cleans offices and other spaces within buildings, and keeps areas in good condition.Overall Score: 626.00Income: $22,125.00Work Environment:489.600Stress:15.250Physical Demands:16.16Hiring Outlook:-6.75


142. Plumber

Builds and repairs water, waste disposal, drainage and gas delivery systems for residential, commercial and industrial structures.Overall Score: 628.00Income: $46,182.00Work Environment:836.380Stress:22.820Physical Demands:21.80Hiring Outlook:3.82


143. Fashion Designer

Designs articles or complete lines of clothing for men, women, or children.Overall Score: 633.00Income: $61,291.00Work Environment:929.250Stress:36.910Physical Demands:9.85Hiring Outlook:-7.09


144. Photographer

Uses shutter-operated cameras and photographic emulsions to visually portray a variety of subjects.Overall Score: 638.00Income: $30,265.00Work Environment:663.750Stress:28.650Physical Demands:10.85Hiring Outlook:2.65


145. Shoe Maker/Repairer

Refurbishes and mends worn shoes, saddles, and boots.Overall Score: 638.00Income: $23,112.00Work Environment:597.240Stress:17.120Physical Demands:9.53Hiring Outlook:-31.88


146. Nurse's Aide

Assists practical nurses in caring for patients. Nursing homes and hospitals are the primary employers of nurse's aides.Overall Score: 642.00Income: $24,089.00Work Environment:872.960Stress:22.890Physical Demands:17.00Hiring Outlook:10.89


147. Recreation Worker

Organizes and supervises a variety of leisure activities, including sports, arts, crafts, drama, singing, dancing, and story telling.Overall Score: 643.00Income: $22,138.00Work Environment:889.140Stress:20.380Physical Demands:18.47Hiring Outlook:10.38


148. Electrician

Maps layout and installs and repairs electrical wiring and fixtures.Overall Score: 643.00Income: $47,176.00Work Environment:855.760Stress:20.760Physical Demands:22.01Hiring Outlook:-1.24


149. Flight Attendant

Tends to the care and comfort of passengers on commercial and corporate aircraft.Overall Score: 643.00Income: $40,184.00Work Environment:803.000Stress:44.840Physical Demands:10.03Hiring Outlook:2.84


150. Glazier

Measures, cuts, and installs glass in residential and commercial buildings.Overall Score: 645.00Income: $36,186.00Work Environment:796.860Stress:26.860Physical Demands:18.85Hiring Outlook:6.86


151. Nuclear Decontamination Technician

Cleanses nuclear power plant equipment and personnel of irradiated material.Overall Score: 645.00Income: $37,163.00Work Environment:821.880Stress:34.630Physical Demands:20.13Hiring Outlook:13.63


152. Automobile Body Repairer

Mends cosmetic and structural damage to car, truck, and bus chassis.Overall Score: 649.00Income: $38,178.00Work Environment:669.900Stress:18.780Physical Demands:17.57Hiring Outlook:-11.22


153. Sales Representative (Wholesale)

Represents wholesalers who distribute products to stores, manufacturers, and businesses.Overall Score: 650.00Income: $51,308.00Work Environment:1293.840Stress:37.080Physical Demands:9.58Hiring Outlook:1.08


154. Drill-Press Operator

Operates drilling machines to place holes in metal or nonmetal pieces according to predetermined specifications.Overall Score: 651.00Income: $31,124.00Work Environment:728.320Stress:11.240Physical Demands:17.10Hiring Outlook:-40.76


155. Aircraft Mechanic

Performs scheduled inspections, maintenance and repairs on commercial and private aircraft.Overall Score: 655.00Income: $53,118.00Work Environment:981.200Stress:27.180Physical Demands:18.92Hiring Outlook:1.18


156. Buyer

Orders merchandise and maintains inventory control for wholesale and retail sales firms.Overall Score: 661.00Income: $49,207.00Work Environment:1108.080Stress:37.070Physical Demands:8.23Hiring Outlook:-3.93


157. Chauffeur

Drives limousines or other vehicles to transport passengers to and from specified locations.Overall Score: 665.00Income: $22,119.00Work Environment:945.800Stress:21.190Physical Demands:13.46Hiring Outlook:5.19


158. Farmer

Manages the successful operation of a crop, livestock, dairy, or poultry farm.Overall Score: 666.00Income: $59,222.00Work Environment:1263.840Stress:26.220Physical Demands:34.53Hiring Outlook:5.22


159. Salesperson (Retail)

Provides courteous and efficient service to customers in retail stores.Overall Score: 666.00Income: $20,153.00Work Environment:836.430Stress:21.530Physical Demands:11.00Hiring Outlook:0.53


160. Corrections Officer

Supervises inmates' activities and enforces regulations in jails, prisons, and other correctional facilities.Overall Score: 673.00Income: $39,150.00Work Environment:1646.750Stress:31.500Physical Demands:13.41Hiring Outlook:9.50


161. Drywall Applicator/Finisher

Installs and prepares surfaces of drywall panels for commercial or residential interiors.Overall Score: 678.00Income: $37,179.00Work Environment:973.940Stress:19.790Physical Demands:27.85Hiring Outlook:0.79


162. Carpet/Tile Installer

Lays tile or carpets in homes and businesses.Overall Score: 679.00Income: $37,238.00Work Environment:796.860Stress:18.380Physical Demands:17.85Hiring Outlook:-13.62


163. Actor

Entertains, informs, and instructs audiences by interpreting dramatic roles on stage, film, television, or radio.Overall Score: 680.00Income: $49,116.00Work Environment:1371.750Stress:45.160Physical Demands:8.85Hiring Outlook:-0.84


164. Stationary Engineer

Operates, monitors, and repairs power plants and industrial heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.Overall Score: 681.00Income: $51,139.00Work Environment:1055.470Stress:27.390Physical Demands:26.18Hiring Outlook:3.39


165. Bus Driver

Transports passengers according to a specific schedule along metropolitan and community routes.Overall Score: 686.00Income: $34,167.00Work Environment:1124.480Stress:25.670Physical Demands:12.03Hiring Outlook:0.67


166. Highway Patrol Officer

Patrols roads and highways, and enforces traffic regulations and criminal statutes.Overall Score: 692.00Income: $53,171.00Work Environment:1733.400Stress:40.710Physical Demands:17.63Hiring Outlook:7.71


167. Dishwasher

Cleans the plates, glasses and silverware used by patrons of an eating establishment, and the pots, pans and cooking utensils used by chefs.Overall Score: 695.00Income: $18,053.00Work Environment:868.320Stress:14.530Physical Demands:22.00Hiring Outlook:-2.47


168. Bricklayer

Erects structures such as fireplaces and walls with brick and other masonry materials.Overall Score: 699.00Income: $47,175.00Work Environment:1151.020Stress:20.750Physical Demands:32.85Hiring Outlook:-1.25


169. Maid

May perform a variety of services, including cleaning and upkeep for residential and institutional employers.Overall Score: 700.00Income: $19,093.00Work Environment:682.020Stress:18.930Physical Demands:17.00Hiring Outlook:-5.07


170. Advertising Salesperson

Negotiates contracts with clients for advertising in publications and on radio and television.Overall Score: 701.00Income: $43,309.00Work Environment:1293.570Stress:36.090Physical Demands:9.58Hiring Outlook:-2.91


171. Truck Driver

Operates 16-wheeled tractor-trailer, to transport durable and perishable goods from producers to consumers.Overall Score: 711.00Income: $38,128.00Work Environment:968.200Stress:28.280Physical Demands:21.68Hiring Outlook:2.28


172. Travel Agent

Makes arrangements for travel according to the specific needs of individuals and businesses.Overall Score: 716.00Income: $31,147.00Work Environment:1134.770Stress:40.470Physical Demands:6.00Hiring Outlook:-8.53


173. Construction Machinery Operator

Operates one or more machines used in extractive or construction work.Overall Score: 720.00Income: $40,169.00Work Environment:1136.250Stress:23.690Physical Demands:28.09Hiring Outlook:0.69


174. Mail Carrier

Delivers and collects mail along prearranged rural and urban routes.Overall Score: 725.00Income: $52,042.00Work Environment:1461.240Stress:23.420Physical Demands:26.86Hiring Outlook:-3.58


175. Carpenter

Assists in the construction, repairing, and remodeling of buildings and other structures.Overall Score: 729.00Income: $39,184.00Work Environment:973.360Stress:28.840Physical Demands:25.46Hiring Outlook:-0.16


176. Firefighter

Protects individuals and saves lives and property from the ravages of fire.Overall Score: 730.00Income: $45,222.00Work Environment:3314.030Stress:60.220Physical Demands:43.23Hiring Outlook:18.22


177. Disc Jockey

Selects and plays records or tapes; comments on areas of interest to a particular radio audience.Overall Score: 730.00Income: $28,375.00Work Environment:1062.000Stress:29.750Physical Demands:7.85Hiring Outlook:-11.25


178. Police Officer

Provides protection against crime, investigates criminal activity, and works with the public on crime-prevention measures.Overall Score: 731.00Income: $49,185.00Work Environment:1877.850Stress:43.850Physical Demands:22.63Hiring Outlook:7.85


179. Garbage Collector

Collects refuse on a designated municipal route, and transports trash to disposal plants or landfill areas.Overall Score: 731.00Income: $32,174.00Work Environment:1368.320Stress:23.740Physical Demands:36.55Hiring Outlook:8.74


180. Choreographer

Instructs performers and develops and interprets routines for stage and other presentations.Overall Score: 738.00Income: $38,283.00Work Environment:1106.250Stress:38.830Physical Demands:11.85Hiring Outlook:-4.17


181. Plasterer

Applies the plaster finish to interior walls and ceilings, and cement finish and stucco to exterior surfaces.Overall Score: 742.00Income: $38,160.00Work Environment:929.670Stress:24.600Physical Demands:25.85Hiring Outlook:-6.40


182. Butcher

Prepares meat for sale to distributors, supermarket customers, and other consumers.Overall Score: 743.00Income: $29,150.00Work Environment:987.800Stress:19.500Physical Demands:19.98Hiring Outlook:-5.50


183. Automobile Mechanic

Diagnoses problems with automotive vehicles, makes repairs, and performs routine maintenance.Overall Score: 749.00Income: $35,200.00Work Environment:1100.550Stress:26.000Physical Demands:21.57Hiring Outlook:-2.00


184. Dairy Farmer

Directs and takes part in activities involved in the raising of cattle for milk production.Overall Score: 751.00Income: $32,114.00Work Environment:1474.480Stress:26.140Physical Demands:30.53Hiring Outlook:8.14


185. Photojournalist

Photographs newsworthy events for publication in newspapers and magazines.Overall Score: 753.00Income: $40,209.00Work Environment:1327.500Stress:47.090Physical Demands:15.85Hiring Outlook:2.09


186. Child Care Worker

Cares for infants and toddlers when parents are at work or are unable to do so for other reasons.Overall Score: 769.00Income: $19,100.00Work Environment:947.250Stress:26.000Physical Demands:19.00Hiring Outlook:0.00


187. Sheet Metal Worker

Constructs, installs, and maintains sheet metal products for home, commercial, and industrial use.Overall Score: 770.00Income: $41,208.00Work Environment:1266.140Stress:29.080Physical Demands:30.73Hiring Outlook:-0.92


188. Reporter (Newspaper)

Covers newsworthy events for newspapers, magazines, and television news programs.Overall Score: 777.00Income: $34,275.00Work Environment:1106.250Stress:44.750Physical Demands:9.85Hiring Outlook:-14.25


189. Sailor

Performs any number of tasks involved in the operation of ships, boats, barges, or dredges.Overall Score: 780.00Income: $36,150.00Work Environment:1660.560Stress:29.500Physical Demands:30.77Hiring Outlook:4.50


190. Stevedore

Loads and unloads cargo from vessels, routes cargo to proper locations.Overall Score: 786.00Income: $39,186.00Work Environment:1084.590Stress:24.860Physical Demands:28.03Hiring Outlook:-14.14


191. Construction Worker

Assists construction trade workers by performing a wide variety of tasks requiring physical labor.Overall Score: 798.00Income: $29,211.00Work Environment:1555.850Stress:30.110Physical Demands:36.41Hiring Outlook:7.11


192. Meter Reader

Monitors public utility meters, and records volume of consumption by customers.Overall Score: 798.00Income: $34,171.00Work Environment:1127.360Stress:21.710Physical Demands:25.67Hiring Outlook:-30.29


193. Painter

Prepares surfaces, and applies paints, varnishes, and finishes to the interiors and exteriors of houses and other structures.Overall Score: 798.00Income: $34,152.00Work Environment:1034.020Stress:31.520Physical Demands:26.00Hiring Outlook:-3.48


194. Welder

Joins or repairs metal surfaces through the application of heat.Overall Score: 811.00Income: $35,126.00Work Environment:1180.140Stress:23.260Physical Demands:29.08Hiring Outlook:-15.74


195. Emergency Medical Technician

Attends to situations which demand immediate medical attention, such as automobile accidents, heart attacks, and gunshot wounds.Overall Score: 814.00Income: $30,168.00Work Environment:1610.700Stress:39.680Physical Demands:21.26Hiring Outlook:4.68


196. Taxi Driver

Operates a taxi cab over the streets and roads of a municipality, picking up and dropping off passengers by request.Overall Score: 821.00Income: $21,127.00Work Environment:2317.210Stress:46.270Physical Demands:14.46Hiring Outlook:5.27


197. Roofer

Installs roofs on new buildings, performs repairs on old roofs, and re-roofs old buildings.Overall Score: 863.00Income: $34,168.00Work Environment:1481.200Stress:30.680Physical Demands:33.46Hiring Outlook:-9.32


198. Lumberjack

Fells, cuts, and transports timber to be processed into lumber, paper, and other wood products.Overall Score: 868.00Income: $32,109.00Work Environment:1817.530Stress:40.090Physical Demands:38.87Hiring Outlook:0.09


199. Ironworker

Raises the steel framework of buildings, bridges, and other structures.Overall Score: 887.00Income: $34,127.00Work Environment:1593.720Stress:31.270Physical Demands:36.85Hiring Outlook:-12.73


200. Roustabout

Performs routine physical labor and maintenance on oil rigs and pipelines, both on and off shore.Overall Score: 892.00Income: $32,143.00Work Environment:1731.450Stress:26.430Physical Demands:36.89Hiring Outlook:-19.57

While top-ranked jobs like Biologist and Computer Systems Analyst are related to growth industries such as biotechnology and cloud computing, many of the jobs that finish near the bottom are in industries that have suffered during the recent recession. These low-ranking professions frequently offer a combination of backbreaking labor, dangerous (or deadly) work environments, low pay and poor employment prospects.





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